The Details

What the difference between 13 and 1300?

On first observation, 13 numbers are 6 digits in length (e.g. 13 34 56) while 1300 numbers are 10 digits in length (e.g. 1300 567 890). This makes 13 numbers easier for customers to remember, especially when they hear the number on television or radio.

As there are much fewer 13 numbers available, the Australian government imposes significant fees on 13 numbers. As a rough guide, while you might pay $25/mo for a 1300 number, you might pay around $900/mo for a 13 number. The majority of this is government fees and cannot be changed.

Choosing a 13 number

As with 1300 and 1800 numbers, there are 2 ways to get a 13 number: choose an available, random 13 number; or choose your own 13 number and auction it.

Given that 13 numbers are quite costly, we recommend you invest in a custom number, which might cost you around $500 once-off. Considering the high monthly fees of 13 numbers, it makes sense to get the best bang for your buck.

Great features with Fonecall

While it's possible to divert your 13 number directly to your head-office, there are many other features and options available. These include:

  • Call overflow
  • State-based and area-based routing
  • Time of day routing

To see even more features we support, click here.

A 13 number is an investment

Don't view 13 numbers as a cost, look at them as an investment. If you plan to build your brand through extensive marketing campaigns, a 13 number can be the difference between good performance and great performance.

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