Live Answering

Please browse the below frequently asked questions. If your question is not answered, please call us onĀ 1800 366 322 or contact us online.

What is Live Answering?

Remember those missed business calls? Maybe you were on another line, had to pick the kids up, were on a job or were sick? Live Answering makes sure those missed calls are a thing of the past.

With Live Answering, any calls that you miss or receive while you are busy are automatically sent to an operator, who answers the call in your business' name and takes a message for you. The details of the enquiry are then sent to you via SMS, email or both!

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Are my calls sent to an overseas call centre?
Absolutely NOT! All of your missed calls are answered in a call centre based in Sydney, that runs 24/7 and has professionally trained operators.
What is the quality like?

The quality of our Live Answering service is very high. You might often find very cheap Live Answering services on the Internet, but boy can you tell them apart in terms of quality.

All of our operators are professionally trained. Strict quality controls are in place. Infrastructure is over-designed. And our operators -- well, they know what they are doing!