What is VoIP?

Business VoIP

Fonecall Business VoIP (Voice over IP) allows you to make and receive calls over a standard Internet connection. VoIP technology has matured over the past decade into a high-quality, reliable and feature-rich telecommunications solution that is suitable for businesses and corporations of any size.


To use Business VoIP, you must have an active Internet connection at your premises. One standard ADSL2+ connection is typically sufficient for 10 simultaneous lines or more.

Great Savings

Low line rental

Our VoIP line rental is less than one third the price of traditional line rental. Many businesses have multiple lines in order to make and receive multiple simultaneous phone calls. The difference in price and the monthly savings start building up straight away!

Discounted call rates

Calls that you make using a Fonecall VoIP service are typically much less expensive than traditional phone services. Call any landline in Australia for as long as you want for 10 cents per call! Mobile and international rates are also cost effective.

Low set up cost

With Fonecall Business VoIP, your only upfront cost - the purchasing of handset(s) - is optional. If you don't want to use VoIP handsets, you can use free software for your PC, Mac or smartphone. Want a PBX-like phone system for your business? Purchasing a phone system is no longer required - we manage it in the cloud.

Improved bottom line

We save businesses on average 30% from the cost of their previous provider every month. That's equivalent to not paying your old phone bill for almost 4 months of the year!

What's Your Flavour?

Hosted Phone System

Hosted Phone System

Fonecall's Hosted Phone System service is the perfect solution for any sized business looking to either establish or expand their phone systems without the cost and maintenance required by having an expensive hardware PBX system on-site.

With Fonecall hosting your phone systems in the cloud, all you need to do is purchase compatible handsets for your staff and plug them in to your network! You will instantly have all the features of a full-blown phone system (including optional IVR menus, music on hold, internal extensions, call transfer, and more) at a small fraction of the cost.

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Single Line(s)

Single Line(s)

Fonecall's Single Line service is intended for SOHO users and is the perfect choice for businesses or individuals requiring a single line, or for businesses that already have an existing phone system and want to upgrade to VoIP.

If you don't have existing phones or would like new phones at minimal cost, you can purchase Fonecall's offering of reliable Cisco IP Phones. If you have existing phones or an existing phone system, we can provide you with VoIP Analogue Telephone Adapters which allow you to make and receive phone calls through VoIP on standard phone equipment.

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