Live Answering

The Details

How does Live Answering work?

Imagine this: you're busy, on a job, picking the kids up, off work sick, asleep, having a holiday, or unavailable for any reason - what happens to your customer calls? When you're use normal voicemail, research shows that approximately 70% of your customers won't leave a message. But people always speak to other people -- introducing: Live Answering.

Typically, we set up your 1300 number to divert your calls after about 5 rings to the Live Answering service, and to automatically divert calls when your phone is engaged. This allows you to answer calls when you are available, and to have your calls answered when you're not.

With Live Answering, missed customer enquiries is a thing of the past, and you can be confident your business can grow to its maximum potential.

What to expect

When you're unavailable to take a call, you can be confident that a professional operator will be available to handle the enquiry on behalf of your business.

After the operator has finished speaking with your customer, in most cases you will receive either an SMS or email with the name, contact details and specific notes about the customer enquiry. You then have a happy customer which you can engage with at a time more suitable to you.

Sometimes a customer might call just to ask for your opening hours or retail address (or similar). If you supply the operator with this information, the operator will give that information to the customer without sending you a message afterwards.

The greeting

When you sign up for Live Answering, you determine how the operator answers your calls. Typically, it's similar to:

"Welcome to [business name], this is [operator's name], how can I help you?"

Remember that this is just a template, and you can have your calls answered in any way you please.

The handling

Most typically, a customer will either: ask to speak with a specific person; have questions about a product, service or their account; or want to place an order.

In any case, the operator will improvise. For example, they will tell the customer that Michael is unavailable, or that the sales team or ordering officers are currently attending to another customers. The operator will get the customer's details and let them know they will be contacted shortly to have their enquiry fulfilled.

Customer questions

You can provide additional information to the operators, such as any frequently asked questions. Examples include your opening hours, retail address, postal address, areas serviced and directions to your business (if applicable). If asked, the operator will relay this information to your customer without any intervention required on your behalf.

The message for you

When the operator has finished handling the call and action is required by you, you will receive a message by either SMS, email or both. You can even opt to receive messages for different departments (eg. accounts, sales) at different email addresses or phone numbers.

The Offer

Professional Live Answering service

We will set up a professional Live Answering service for your business and customise it to your requirements. We will also configure any associated 1300 numbers to divert calls to your Live Answering service when busy or after 5 rings (can be adjusted).

No lock-in contracts

Fonecall does NOT lock you in to any fixed-term contracts (we only ask for 30 days' notice for cancellations). Use the service for as long as you like, and whatever the situation, if you need to cancel we will facilitate this on your behalf.

Call us on 1800 366 322 to enquire or sign up for Live Answering

What you should know:
  1. Pricing is ex GST.
  2. The average call is wrapped up in under 1 minute, however this may vary.