The Pretext

Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions?
  • Are my new marketing campaigns effective?
  • Which of my marketing activities or ads are working?
  • Which of my marketing activities or ads are NOT working?
  • What marketing can I eliminate to reduce costs?
  • What is my Cost Per Lead or ROI?
  • What percentage of calls translate into sales?


What if you could answer these questions AND..
  • Increase the performance of your marketing portfolio.
  • Gather valuable data to optimise your campaigns.
  • Compare past and present campaigns and determine what is most effective.

There is a solution!

With Fonecall's Call Tracking and Call Analytics solution, you can optimise your business' marketing performance, increase sales and come out a winner. We've developed an effective and proven method to track marketing campaigns for businesses large and small.

The Problem / Solution

Here's the problem

So you've noticed a dip in sales, or your marketing isn't as effective as anticipated. Maybe you're making sales but wondering if you could make more? Is there uncertainty as to which of your multiple running campaigns are the most effective, and which are draining your marketing budget?

Through market research, we've found that many businesses large and small run into the same problems with marketing. Many marketing managers or BDMs attempt (sometimes) to track their marketing success through manual tasks such as having staff ask for referral sources. How often do your staff or colleagues forget to ask this? How difficult is it to compile this data into a meaningful tool for marketing analysis? If you answer "at least once" to the former question, your marketing data is incomplete. If you answer "it takes some time" to the latter question, your time may not be getting utilised to its full potential.

Here's the solution

Marketing confidence. With the growth of both digital media and traditional marketing and advertising, effective methods of determining the effectiveness of your portfolio of marketing activities need to be utilised. That’s where we step in.

With Fonecall’s Call Tracking solution, there is no need for uncertainty. We map your incoming calls to your marketing activities so you can track multiple running marketing campaigns with ease. Each running campaign is given a unique 1300 or 1800 number. Every call to these numbers is tracked and analysed by our systems, which then provide you with interactive online reporting that is always up-to-date and easily accessible.

If you can track all inbound calls you receive, you're armed to make educated decisions for your marketing campaigns. With up-to-date and easily accessible reporting, you'll never be left in the dark again.

With Fonecall Call Tracking..

Identify Effective Campaigns

Make better use of your valuable time and resources by identifying what campaigns are bringing in high call volumes and revenue. With accurate call and campaign data at your fingertips, you'll be in a great position to make informed and profitable decisions.

Analyse Trends

Use Fonecall’s Call Tracking reporting system to follow long-term and short-term call volumes to visualise and identify trends. Analyse past trends to identify peak periods where calls could possibly be missed; be ahead of the competition and allocate more resources where and when required.

Optimise Your Marketing Spend

With data on past campaign performance, you'll be prepared to make the right decisions. Dedicate more resources to increase return on effective campaigns, and lower resources or adjust tactics on ineffective campaigns.

Easy to Use

Fonecall's Call Tracking solution is easy to use. You are given a username and password to log in to our online portal, which gives you full access to your call reports and analytics.

Want to Know More?

Demo Login

You can log in to our online portal to see a demo of call tracking in action. This demonstration is for a hypothetical law firm that advertises in a variety of different media. Some of these marketing activities are working for them, and some aren't. See if you can find out which is which.

Login here:
Username: demo
Password: demo

To learn more about call tracking, call us on 1800 366 322